Tech Talks

Tech Talks

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    AVIXA’s Sean Wargo, Sr. Director of Market Intelligence & Peter Hansen, Economist, will take a look at the current driving trends within the pro AV industry to uncover the places where innovation is creating new opportunities. They will share insights from AVIXA’s large body of research on everything from the impacts of flexible work arrangements on conferencing and collaboration to the latest new provider service models, all within the backdrop of the latest macro-economic outlook. 

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    Designers consistently face the challenge of creating experiences that help their clients bring their brand's story to life—what was once a static art form has now evolved to incorporate visual and interactive media to augment physical design. AV and design play a critical role in bringing these experiences to life, but these projects face unique challenges in balancing both to achieve the vision clients expect. 

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    Curating inclusive, worthwhile work communities with streamlined flexible solutions that promote meeting equity and ease of use.
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    Through simple and innovative customer sensing products that can easily be added to an existing Digital Signage Network, a Digital Signage Service Provider can deliver real time data which can trigger relevant content at the point of purchase or provide passive data which can provide informed business insights.
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    Digital Impact is an exhibition, but more than that, it is an experience; it is a city to explore and a map to name those people creating art’s present and future. It is a door to a revolutionary world, a bridge from Barcelona to the immersive, the color, the shapes, and the limitless imagination. It is a disruptive x-ray of the current state of digital art and design, a sample of the creative force of a reality full of possibilities. 


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    The “as-a-service” economy - including subscriptions, cloud technology, and the Internet of Things, have caused a great transformation in customer expectations. Shifting to as-a-service business models allows manufacturers, channel partners, and their end-users to gain the maximum value out of their products.

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    A review of the most relevant technologies will be shared and a case study will be presented using the Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS) application, a system used for the treatment of patients affected by brain damage.
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    In this session Lux Machina will explain the evolution and dynamic range of In Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX), popularly known as virtual production, through the examples of the greatest shows in this field.

    While we won’t explore the literal dynamic range of the technology, we will cover the broad spectrum of techniques and applications that falls under this new moniker. ICVFX covers a huge range of workflows that are appropriate for a broad range of creative outcomes and budgets. 

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    In this presentation Vincent will explain how Poly can help customers provide the right choices to the end-users, both for home offices and meeting rooms, in order to achieve the user adoption any company wants to achieve.  
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    What is the business case for a museum where the physical product and resources support is replaced by marketing people and the acquisition of services that support exhibition concepts and technologies not impacted by the ever increasing infrastructure and operating budgets?
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    How AV is changing to meet the IT needs of today and support the needs of digitally transformed enterprises into the future.
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    The presentation will look at how Tigrelab love to play with all kinds of technologies to enhance the creativity of our projects. 
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    This education session provides an overview of the electronic waste generated by the AV industry, where it goes, the impact on the environment, the toxicity of the materials used in the manufacturing of electronics, and how reckless disposal contaminates the water, soil, and the entire food chain.

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