ISE Retail Forum

Wednesday 31 January
15:00 - 17:35

Retail meets Media - Why stores are falling in love with screens

Retail media is forecast by GroupM to surpass television ad revenues by 2028. While online growth is blocked by the phasing out of cross-website cookies, physical retail stores, their websites and loyalty programs become more valuable. In the center of instore media are digital signage screens, enabling retailers to present promotions, brand advertising often funded by the manufacturers and even third-party ads.

The ISE Retail Forum at ISE 2024 is a hosted buyer event that revolves around how ProAV and digital signage solutions enable retailers to open up new revenue streams, how electronic shelf labels provide the platform for dynamic pricing, how technology reduces shrinkage and why retailers are falling in love with engaging experiences at the PoS.

Besides retail media business models – which is one of the hottest topics for retailers currently. we will obviously cover the technology part of the business incl. operations, Sustainability and IT security.

This is an invitation-only event. If you would like to request an invitation, please contact merle.mommaal@invidis.com


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