Technology Zones

Technology Zones


At the Fira Barcelona, we have created extensive Technology Zones. These locations group together exhibitors in major technology areas. This approach makes it easier for attendees to find and compare the solutions they are looking for, and saves them time.


The audio chain, from microphones and amplifiers to loudspeaker systems and networking, is an ever-prominent force at the show. High-quality audio is a fundamental element of the audiovisual experience, from boardrooms and classrooms to auditoriums and stadiums. Increased in size for 2024, ISE’s Audio Zone has firmly established itself as the key destination for professionals looking to find out about the latest innovations, whether around signal processing and transport, immersive spatial audio or the cutting edge of loudspeaker design.

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Content Production & Distribution

Creating, storing and distributing video content has become significantly easier in recent years, as technology costs have fallen just as audience appetites have risen. The result is that numerous vertical sectors, including corporate, education, retail, stadiums and venues have embraced content production as a means of engaging with colleagues, cohorts and customers.

In ISE’s Content Production & Distribution Zone, you’ll find suppliers of solutions including cameras, camera tracking equipment, switchers, monitors, virtual sets, video networking solutions, intercoms and audio consoles.

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Digital Signage & DOOH

Digital signage has been the fastest growing market segment at ISE in recent years. It is, therefore, no surprise that the Digital Signage & DOOH Zone at ISE showcases how state-of-the-art digital signage is used extensively for advertising and information delivery. The retail, transportation, healthcare, corporate, education, leisure, and hospitality sectors are just some of the areas where digital signage plays a significant role. At ISE, see digital signage in action and understand how it can boost your business.

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Lighting & Staging

Audiences for live events are just as demanding of innovation as they ever were. That means that events producers need to deploy an increasingly wide-ranging and sophisticated set of solutions – and many are looking to deliver an immersive experience that begins at the entrance to the venue.

The Lighting & Staging Zone showcases lighting and lighting control, rigging and staging equipment, motion tracking, video mapping, holography and much more besides. It is full of solutions for small temporary venues right up to major stadium concerts.

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Residential & Smart Building

As our homes become ever smarter, residential and smart building technologies have more in common than ever before. Whether you look at homes, workplaces and public buildings, there’s an increasing emphasis on systems that look after entry and exit, environmental control, energy management and simply meeting the needs of occupants.

ISE has long been positioned as a leading voice in residential solutions and home automation, with the backing of joint-partner CEDIA; and also as a prominent player in smart building, thanks to our long-running Smart Building Conference. The combined Residential & Smart Building Zone is a compelling offering in this fast-moving area of AV technology.

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Unified Communications & Education Technology

Although they serve two separate markets, there are many areas of overlap between the technologies used in unified communications and in education technology – including video communications, interactive flatpanel displays and content sharing tools.

Additionally, education technology is not limited to universities, colleges and schools but is also widely used within corporate education and training. For these reasons, we present a combined Unified Communications & Education Technology Zone.

Here you’ll find solutions to equip multi-site businesses, boardrooms and offices as well as educational institutions, private tutors and professional development specialists.

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