Smart Building Conference

Tuesday 30 January
Time: 10:30-18:30
Location: CC5.1

Understanding the ROI of Smarter Building

Most new buildings today have smart elements. There are visible smart technology examples - from smart offices to motion sensor lighting to indoor air quality monitors to the access control system.

While most people don’t think twice about any of them, we do, and when operating in concert these systems offer incredible benefits for everyone. 

For all buildings, old as well as new, there’s untold ROI that comes from investing in smart technology. Yet what really makes a building smart is the ability to apply these technologies in meaningful (smart) ways. The 2024 Smart Building Conference shared the latest in-building tech and showed, if applied correctly, how smart buildings, homes and offices can yield big returns. 

Expert speakers from across the globe joined the programme to discuss how to transition towards net zero through achieving even better energy efficiency in smart buildings. The conference took a deep dive into big data and discussed how AI is being incorporated into strategies and is already being used in applications and processes to improve performance and how it might be integrated into innovative solution for smarter buildings in the future.  

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Bob Snyder

Content Chair Bob Snyder is the Editor-in-Chief of CHANNEL MEDIA EUROPE LTD., a content provider and consultant to high-tech companies in Europe and Middle East.
As our moderator since the very first Smart Building Conference in 2013, Bob follows the industry trends in smart building and knows many of Europe’s top smart building executives.

A well-known analyst and speaker on European IT and AV industry trends, Bob has been a guest speaker for such international corporate leaders as Lucent, NEC, AMD, Panasonic Industrial, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, BenQ, Tech Data, Toshiba, Ingram Micro and many others.

Conference Programme

  1. CC5.1
  2. CC5.1

    Buildings have progressed from merely fulfilling basic physiological needs to serving as a catalyst for human self-actualization. This shift involves actively engaging, enabling, and empowering individuals within the spaces they inhabit. By optimizing these spaces to cater to their needs, creating curated and delightful experiences using data, buildings transform into smart, connected, sustainable, and accessible environments.

  3. CC5.1

    Billions of dollars have flooded into building technology startups over the last few years but who can point to any "true" market disruption? Should the industry even expect a step change in technology or will disruption look more like evolution, not revolution? Jim McHale, from smart building industry analyst Memoori, takes an unvarnished look at the market landscape and highlights some issues that don't get enough attention in industry circles.

  4. CC5.1
    The ROI of Smart Building
  5. CC5.1
    Taking the Measure of Smart Buildings
  6. CC5.1
    AI for Predictive Steering for Commercial HVAC
  7. CC5.1
    Open Source Standards
  8. Networking Lunch
    Sponsored by Ubiqisense
  9. CC5.1
    Maximising Returns: Unleashing the ROI Potential of Smart Building Initiatives
  10. CC5.1
  11. CC5.1
    Crossing the Landlord Tenant Divide
  12. CC5.1
    Case study: Smart (in Barcelona’s business and technology district, 22@)
  13. CC5.1
    The Emergence of Master Designers
  14. CC5.1
    Smart Building Insights – Who’s Responsible
  15. CC5.1
    A New Era is Upon Us
  16. CC5.1

    Lessons learned from deploying 75 million sq. ft of smart building tech

  17. CC5.1
    Executive Summary

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