Digital Signage Summit ISE

Wednesday 31 January
Time: 10:30 - 14:30
Location: CC5.1

Beyond Pixels - A holistic view of digital signage

There has long been talk about the opportunity presented by digital signage to connect with surrounding technologies and solutions.

Usage scenarios of displays, LED and projectors are location sensitive with effects depending on the immediate physical spaces and surrounding audience. Visual solutions cannot be designed and operated in silos anymore.  

Engaging experiences, sustainable solutions and interactive experiences need to provide a seamless customer journey connecting to IoT devices, IT infrastructure, building automation and data backend systems. DSS ISE 2024 provided a holistic view on how digital signage connects with retail tech, proptech and its surroundings.    

The conference provided the latest market updates and trends outlook by invidis consulting, a keynote by a global automotive brand, presentations of concepts for seamless customer journeys, panel discussions around sustainability, software and solutions as well as access to some of the most innovative retail tech and proptech solutions providers. 

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Conference Programme

  1. CC5.1
    Traditionally Florian and Stefan kick-off the new digital signage year with the DSS keynote covering latest trends and drivers, sharing latest market updates and setting the agenda for the industry
  2. CC5.1
    Rafale Chang will share case studies and success stories illustrating how the integration of LED technology in billboards has enhanced advertising effectiveness and the tip of return on investment to getting higher. The discussion will extend beyond the technical aspects, exploring the psychological and sociological impact of these visually immersive displays on urban dwellers. 
  3. CC5.1
    The Billion USD boom - how retail media is disrupting stationary retail
  4. CC5.1
    From tech-stack to green signage
  5. CC5.1
  6. CC5.1
    The good, the bad and the ugly of #screensthatcommunicate 
  7. CC5.1
    Green Signage – Lifecycle Management
  8. CC5.1
    Best practices and case studies showing the importance of moving outside of your computer to create great design for the built environment. This applies to both immersive and how we now must develop new tools for work .
  9. CC5.1

    Engaging Experiences: Using Gen AI across Content, Hardware and Software

  10. CC5.1
    Business Critical - The new must-have IT-security in digital signage
  11. CC5.1
    invidis-partner Dave Haynes from Sixteen-Nine joins Florian and Stefan for the 2024 outlook panel. The three industry thought leaders provide insights into the digital signage market 2024 in EMEA and North America as well as risk a forecast into the mid-term future of the industry.
  12. CC5.1

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