Retail Technology

Retail Technology


The rise of online shopping has had a negative effect on many traditional ‘bricks-and-mortar’ retailers. But the smart retailers are the ones that have responded by embracing technology.

Some are doing this to make shopping more of an experience – luring consumers away from their phones and computers with a ‘wow’ factor that the online world can’t replicate. Others are using technology to create a more seamless and/or personalised experience – where the communication starts online and ends up guiding the consumer inside the store.

A major element of this is digital signage. What began as simply a more efficient alternative to printed posters and other point-of-sale material has become a vehicle for improved customer engagement, better customer service – and improved sales, so bringing a rapid return on investment.

What's next in the retail market

What’s next in the retail market

Retailers have had to be innovative to survive, with everything from small-format stores, buy-online-pickup-in-store offerings, and full-blown experience centres that focus on offering something unique to entice visitors, all being seen more frequently.

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Digital signage systems can run content that varies to reflect the retailer’s changing priorities; switching from the breakfast to the lunch menu in a quick-service restaurant; displaying promotions for raincoats rather than T-shirts in a clothing store when the weather turns stormy; or even, if facial recognition technology is built in, displaying content to suit the age and gender of the person approaching the display screen.

If the digital signage system is integrated with other in-store technologies, such as EPOS and stock systems, then it can automatically promote slower-selling lines, or stop continuing to push items that are no longer in stock.

At ISE 2024, your first stop should be the Digital Signage & DooH Zone in Hall 6. Here you’ll find all kinds of signage and displays – not just regular flat panels, but transparent, flexible, large-scale and non-rectangular displays. You’ll find touchscreens, voice-controlled displays, and displays you control by gesture. There is an extensive selection of display companies here, but you’ll also find giants of the display world elsewhere on the show floor, particularly in Hall 3.

Of course, it’s not just about the displays. Also within the Digital Signage and DooH Zone are suppliers covering the entire digital signage solutions ecosystem, including digital signage software, media players and display controllers.

To understand the business and technology trends that are driving the digital signage market, you can’t do better than half a day at Digital Signage Summit ISE. This is run in partnership with invidis consulting and chaired by its Managing Director, Florian Rotberg.

A final thought: while digital signage is an important element of retail AV, it’s far from the only one. At ISE you can also find solutions for in-store music and announcements, lighting, security and more besides. You’ll be amazed by the range of technologies and solutions on show at ISE – and you’re certain to discover something that will make you rethink the way you interact with your customers.

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