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Continuing its association with the America’s Cup, whose 37th edition takes place in Barcelona in October 2024, ISE is displaying Horonuku, a record-breaking land yacht, in the Content Production & Distribution Technology Zone in Hall 4.

In December 2022, New Zealand’s America’s Cup team broke the wind-powered land speed record in Horonuku. The 14-metre craft, which uses a rigid wing rather than a sail, reached a speed of 222.4 km/h (138.2 miles per hour) on the dry basin of Lake Gairdner in South Australia. The team believe it is capable of reaching even higher speeds.

A 20m x 3m L-shaped Alfalite LED screen with a 2.6mm pixel pitch and a curved apex will be used to simulate a desert setting and create an immersive experience for the Horonuku yacht.

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Learn more at a free Tech Talk - Tuesday, 16:15

In a special Tech Talk on the ISE Show Floor Stage (just across the aisle from the yacht exhibit) on Tuesday 30 January at 16:15, Stephen Nuttall, the sailing race’s Head of Television, will talk to Content Production & Distribution Summit chair Ciarán Doran about this record-breaking feat. He will also give an update on the 37th America’s Cup, which takes place in Barcelona in October.

ISE’s association with the America’s Cup began with an ISE 2023 keynote from Nuttall, in which he discussed the many different technologies involved in broadcasting the competition.

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