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There is a strong argument to say that there is no sector where customer experience is more critical than hospitality.

In hotels, restaurants and bars, the degree to which the customer feels comfortable and looked after, as well as the overall ambience, can have as much of an influence on customer satisfaction as the quality of the food or the thread count of the bedsheets.

As in other sectors, though, the increasing quality of technology in customers’ daily lives is raising their expectations when they visit hospitality venues. So the industry needs to raise its game and offer superior experiences at every point.

What's next in the hospitality industry?

What's next in the hospitality market

Technology and innovation have helped hotels and restaurants to transform how they operate in a new connected and contactless era.

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In reception and other public areas, digital signage can provide welcome messages, wayfinding information and messages for food and drink promotions.

In guest rooms, TVs are morphing from passive display devices into communications hubs where guests can order food, laundry, taxis and other services – as well as connecting their own devices.

In meeting rooms, the latest conferencing and presentation technologies ensure slick, productive work.

In hotel bars and restaurants, lighting, audio and displays can help create whatever atmosphere you want – whether it’s the subtle sophistication of a high-end restaurant or the in-your-face visuals and general hubbub of a sports bar.

And particularly in larger hotels, AV over IP is a prerequisite for routing all the different signals.

At ISE you can meet numerous suppliers of all of these technologies.

ISE 2023 also features IPTV providers and digital signage solutions suppliers – you can find them in the Digital Signage and DooH Zone in Hall 6. And whether you want individual display panels or eye-catching videowalls, there are other display manufacturers elsewhere on the show floor.

Hotel room TVs tend to have a special feature set, different from consumer models; leading manufacturers will be showing their offerings at ISE 2023.