Tech Talks

Tuesday 30 January - Thursday 1 February
Time: Various
Location: ISE Show Floor Stage, Hall 4

Free to attend

Like their Spanish counterparts, the free English-language Tech Talks are designed to give new and existing visitors the opportunity to learn about technology innovations and business developments. They are also intended to offer something a little different from the main conference programme. These Tech Talks are given by experts on the cutting edge, bringing new ideas, sharing best-practice case studies and offering a glimpse of the state of the art at ISE 2024.

Tech Talks Programme

  1. ISE Show Floor Stage, Hall 4 -
    Stephen will share the technology innovations planned for the 37th America's Cup to be held in Barcelona from August-October 2024. He will also tell the story of how Horonuku, which is on display at ISE, broke the World Land Yachting Speed Record achieving a speed of 226km/h powered only by the wind.
  1. ISE Show Floor Stage, Hall 4 -
    Join Fardad Zabetian, CEO of KUDO, for an immersive demo of the latest in AI speech translation technology, and learn how this ground-breaking solution can be applied to any physical or hybrid meeting space. 
  1. ISE Show Floor Stage, Hall 4 -
    Three industry experts in audio, video, transport, and control from Yamaha, Bolin Technology, and Audinate, will discuss what organizations should consider when choosing technologies to create onsite collaboration spaces. The panelists will discuss the importance of selecting the right underlying technology and addressing the challenges of implementation, configuration, and room acoustics.
  1. ISE Show Floor Stage, Hall 4 -
    Modern event technology, including impressive projectors and LED application, can now be seamlessly integrated and enhanced with mesmerizing drone shows.  These shows can not only serve as a highlight, creating breathtaking images in the sky, but can also be combined with existing technology to create stunning visual experiences. What may initially seem challenging is becoming increasingly accessible through trainings.
  1. ISE Show Floor Stage, Hall 4 -
    “Patterns and Recognitions” is the first creative collaboration between ISE and DHUB, Barcelona’s Center for Design, Architecture and Innovation. This exhibition, presented in the framework of Barcelona’s LLUM BCN Festival of Light Arts, presents the groundbreaking work of United Visual Artists. Founded by Matt Clark in London in 2003, UVA are one of the premier studios in the world working with the mediums of light, data and movement.  
  1. ISE Show Floor Stage, Hall 4 -
    The u22 Film Festival emerges as a platform and networking hub for young emerging filmmakers in Barcelona, providing a space for screening their unique narratives and perspectives. This talk explores the transformative impact of how technology democratizes cinematic expression, welcoming voices from different social spectrums.
  1. ISE Show Floor Stage, Hall 4 -
    From the creation of avatars to hyper-realistic representation, digital humans are transforming the entertainment and brand industry. The boundaries between the real and the simulated blur, opening the doors to increasingly immersive experiences and new forms of social interaction. In this session, we will observe the technological innovations behind digital humans and their future trends.
  1. ISE Show Floor Stage, Hall 4 -
    This Montreal-based multimedia studio specialises in designing and producing immersive environments, combining video, lighting, architecture, sound, and special effects. Moment Factory has created more than 500 productions.  Find out more about how they work and how the sound and light show was created and projected at their most recent project at the Dôme des Invalides.  Presenting AURA Invalides, an creation by Moment Factory, produced by Cultival in partnership with the Musée de l’Armée.

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