Smart Workplace Summit

Wednesday 31 January - Thursday 1 February
Time: 15:30 - 18:00
Location: CC5.1

Tackling New Challenges

The Smart Workplace Summit ran on two consecutive afternoons during ISE. This year’s programme was hosted by Gary Keene, Audio Visual Architect at University of the Arts London.

The 2024 programme included a case study from the London College of Fashion on creating a smart workspace for 5000 students: how the project was approached, and how the design process and the installed technologies were selected to support and respond to the specific uses of the spaces.   

There were also sessions on regulation and standards strategies, and what the office of the future will look like – and at what cost? Also on the agenda were climate change and sustainability, and how to integrate ESG into operations; the hybrid work experience and the utilisation of immersive technologies to improve the employee’s experience at the office and when working remotely; there was also a look at Generative AI pros and cons and what AI might mean for smart workplaces in the future.  

Cyber security is also on the agenda. The Summit heard from Shaun Reardon, principal consultant at DNV Cyber Security, on what Cyber War Games are, and how to stop staff from unintentionally being their organisation's biggest cyber security risk. Delegates learned what policies they and their suppliers and partners need to put in place to create a safe and protected built environment. 

Ciaran Doran

Content Chair Gary Keene is Audio-Visual architect at the University of the Arts London, where he's part of the team looking at how learning and collaboration spaces adapt to become more responsive to changes in user demand.

Before joining UAL, he spent eight years at Google, where his work allowed Google to build and run the largest fleet (34k+) of video conference rooms in the world.  Gary worked with AVIXA to introduce service management training into the AV industry and is currently carrying out research on the management structures needed to make buildings more adaptable to rapidly changes in user demand.

Read our interview with Gary Keene

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Summit Programme

31 Jan 2024
    Welcome by Gary Keene
    Shaun Reardon will be discussing espionage relating to intellectual property, techniques used and suggestions for mitigating the risk, the role of ‘trust in the workplace’ as it effects cyber security policy making especially within companies operating in various countries and general tips to avoid cyber security and information security incidents in an office environment.
    AI powered solutions offer promising developments across different fields: optimize workflows, simplify integration, and enable a level of personalization and interaction never seen before in the world of AV Technology.

    This session with explore how AI and other tech innovations are being incorporated into products and solutions to support the workforce and workplace of the future. 


    Much of the conversation around the growth of AI in AV has focused on its impact on individual and team productivity.  We also hear in more general terms about some of the ethical challenges in the creation of AI-created or AI-influenced content.  How are the ethical issues in AI with AV playing themselves out at the moment?

    What did we learn today, what can we expect tomorrow?
01 Feb 2024
    Welcome by Gary Keene
    Marcus Saunders will share his experiences of working closely with internal customers to understand their needs in depth and turn those needs into AV designs influenced by the need to be flexible, modular, encourage creative thinking, to be energy conscious, and to act as a source of data for insight and change.
    How corporates and institutions are utilising emerging and immersive technologies to improve workflows, increase productivity and save valuable time and money - all whilst improving the employee experience for those in the office and those working remotely
    This messaging is about using smart building technology to foster diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace, with a focus on how people and data and accessibility features in smart buildings can contribute to creating environments that are welcoming and adaptable to a really wide range of individuals. 

    Now that the business case for sustainability is proven, what can each of us do to integrate sustainability into the practices that support AV technology lifecycles?


    What have we learned? What do you want to ask?

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