Content Production & Distribution Summit

Wednesday 31 January
Time: 10:30 - 17:00
Location: CC5.2

Brands: The New Broadcasters

The 2024 Summit highlighted technologies at the heart of audio and video convergence, exploring how brands and broadcasters are using virtual studios, augmented reality, streaming and other new technologies to unleash the power of their stories and enable them to work efficiently, manage professionally and engage personally. 

The questions we explored include; are brands and corporations becoming the new broadcasters?  Major brands and corporations talked about how they are using the technology and facilities to create exciting and informative content and delivering it directly to their customers and stakeholders. Are traditional television broadcasters now seeking pro AV technology vendors for faster, more nimble innovation? And will artificial intelligence be the disruptor of the decade or even the century? We discussed how, where and with whom the extension of AI tools can enable, disable, or just plain disrupt everything we currently know in the world of content creation and distribution. 

Also on the agenda was how non-traditional technologies from gaming to cyber security, blockchain to virtual or augmented reality are being used to excite and engage audiences whether the content is delivered over traditional broadcast channels or directly to consumers from the brands that create. 

The goal is still the same for every content creator; create great content, deliver to the right audiences, and drive engagement across multiple platforms. As the overlap between pro AV and television broadcast becomes bigger, it has never been easier to tell great stories.

Ciaran Doran

Conference Technology Partners



Summit Programme

  1. CC5.2
  2. CC5.2
    This session will look at why broadcast vendors are now seeing strong growth in serving clients in the fast-growing converging market that is becoming AV broadcasting.
  3. CC5.2
    Data drives business and in this session top industry analysts specialising in broadcast and in proAV will provide the hard data that demonstrates where broadcast & proAV technologies and clients are converging.
  4. CC5.2
    Industry analysts will be joined by experts from system integrators and end users to interrogate the data and answer questions from the audience
  5. Coffee break
  6. CC5.2
    Brands and corporates are engaging broadcast facility houses and highly experienced service providers to create, manage, stream and serve on-demand this new information entertainment genre for their consumers, and using every delivery channel available to do so. Join us to hear from one of the biggest in the field actually making it happen.
  7. CC5.2
    AR, VR, XR, ICVFX and more are revolutionising virtual production. Bypass the hype and learn about the factors that drive business growth and technology adoption and how the experience economy requires compelling, immersive and shared experiences.
  8. Lunch
    Networking lunch
  9. CC5.2
    Join us as we hear from one of the most exciting uses of virtual production where content is created in a remote location in the UK but delivers the Nevada desert and Kennedy space station on screen.
  10. CC5.2
    In a world of virtually free communication costs both talent and infrastructure can be located anywhere. Learn how getting the best talent is easer than ever but comes with benefits and challenges.
  11. CC5.2
    In the battle for attention there is often too much content. Hear from a top film maker and cinematographer on how to create gripping stories whether for a corporate communication or a mini feature film for your brand.
  12. CC5.2
    Whether entertaining, educating or informing the human art of story telling has been the genius behind the engagement. Join us in this session as we delve into the possibilities of an AI-driven world that could propel creativity,
  13. CC5.2
    • Discover some awesome case studies (and some hazard warnings!) 
    • What are the benefits to a brand?
    • What are the risks?
    • And why do it now?
  14. CC5.2
    Closing remarks

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