Wednesday Keynote - Jeroen van der Most

Wednesday 30 January 17:15

ISE Show Floor Stage (Hall 4)

Breaking Boundaries with Creative AI


Digital artist Jeroen van der Most gave a keynote at ISE 2024 on Wednesday 31 January entitled Breaking Boundaries with Creative AI, as well as creating content for a massive new transparent LED screen on the Fira façade.

Jeroen came into digital art through working as a marketing data scientist, using AI algorithms to understand how people were talking about brands online. In 2010, he started to use these same algorithms to create artworks.

His work explores “rethinking how we use technology,” he says. “Technology is often used in a very rational and commercial way for productivity gains, efficiency gains and so on. What I try to do is ask if we can connect with our hearts again using technology. Can we build deeper relationships with nature or deeper connections with other people?”

On the newly unveiled 193sqm transparent screen he performed a live show titled Bee Barcelona; he constructed an AI-based replica of his creative mind, taking the audience on an immersive journey through his thoughts. A distinctive aspect of the performance involves merging his AI mind with that of a bee, aiming to redesign and transform the city of Barcelona into a symbolic hive.


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