3Cat AR Live Show


Integrating a live show, augmented reality, video game and TV production


3Cat (the digital platform of Catalan broadcaster CCMA, owner of the TV3 channel) is presenting an experimental format that integrates live show, augmented reality, video game and TV production on its stand (4D500).

The content, which can be seen continuously at the 3Cat stand during the four days of the show, revolves around the problem of excess plastic in the oceans. Visitors can watch a mezzo-soprano mermaid unaided, or through augmented reality glasses; the latter option allows them to see more content and remove the plastics that are virtually drowning the mermaid. The show can also be watched via screens on the stand.

The aim is both to offer an entertaining show to visitors and also to demonstrate how these ‘live’ experiences can be translated into more massive audiovisual broadcasts. This could give rise to new programme formats such as competitions or other entertainment, educational or informative presentations. 

The experience has been produced in collaboration with theatre company La Fura dels Baus, which will provide the live show, the Barcelona-based company Produktia, which is providing the AR technology, and other members of the Catalan Av Cluster, including Sono and Eikonos, which are providing technical support and audiovisual material.

The 3Cat stand at ISE will be inaugurated on Tuesday 30 January at 12:00. Llucià Ferrer, presenter of the TV3 quiz show Atrapa'm si pots, will attend.

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