Control Rooms Summit

Tuesday 30 January
Time: 10:30-14:30
Location: CC5.2

Securing the Future

The 2024 Control Rooms Summit programme was presented in two halves to cover two top-of-mind aspects of control rooms that are vital to ensuring a secure future for the industry.   

Cyber security:

We live and work in a time of unparalleled technology and one in which in the very near future AI and other fast evolving technologies will be as ubiquitous as the smart phones and laptops and tablets we now seemingly cannot exist without.

These technologies bring increased operational capabilities and efficiencies which should be welcomed and incorporated into our control room strategies. But with improved hardware and software – and those being incorporated into legacy setups and being connected to external infrastructure, operations, supply chains and service providers – comes the essential requirement to have robust protection and failsafe strategies in place.  

You may believe you have the right strategy in place, but what about your partners and just how close to you is the weakest link? Subject matter expert Shaun Reardon, principal consultant at DNV Cyber Security, revealed some of the issues you should be considering internally and externally. Shaun and key industry experts discussed the development of cyber security within control room technology and operations. 


As a thriving industry we need to attract and nurture talent. But in this highly competitive market, there’s a war on to attract the talent into our industry.  

Companies need to provide the right environment to attract the ‘digital natives’ and provide the best training and access to technologies to keep good talent in house. How do we ensure that we recruit, train, and retain the skills required now and in the future? How do we create a culture of innovation and continuous improvement? How do we ensure a broad diversity of talent to secure the future of the industry?  

The summit heard from practitioners, suppliers, and subject experts, on this and other strategies they are using, as well as asking delegates to join in the conversation on how we can secure the future of the control rooms industry by protecting its infrastructure and operations, and build an effective and diverse workforce. 

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Summit Programme

  1. CC5.2
    Welcome and Intro
  2. CC5.2
    An overview of the current trends within the control room market.
  3. CC5.2
    Technology is changing at an ever increasing pace, bringing with it considerable impact on opertions. This presentation explores the evolution of this control room change and where we are today.
  4. CC5.2
    Subject matter expert and principal cyber security consultant Shaun Reardon will reveal some of the issues you should be considering internally and externally.
  5. CC5.2
    Every layer of the supply chain has a fundemental responsibility for security. Not least at the product level within control room stack. This presentation focuses on the principles of product security and its impact on the control room ecosystem.
  6. CC5.2
    An opportunity for delegates to pitch their cyber security related questions to our panel of industry experts.
  7. Coffee Break
  8. CC5.2
    In a world where skilled technicians are a rare find and the software industry competes fiercely against giants like GAFA and gaming behemoths, the control room sector faces unique challenges. This session explores innovative strategies and best practices on recruiting and retaining talent, tailored to the unique challenges of attracting and retaining top-tier talent in this specialized technology sector.
  9. CC5.2
    Continually rethinking and reimagining products and service is vital to staying ahead of the game. How do we create a culture of innovation?
  10. CC5.2
    An opportunity to discussion the big questions around talent acquisition and retention with our panel. 
  11. CC5.2
    Closing remarks

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