Lighting & Staging Pavilion

Hall 4

More lighting & staging solutions in Hall 4

The Lighting & Staging Zone in Hall 1 is a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in the latest solutions for all kinds of live events. But you should also look out for an additional 500sqm of exciting exhibits in the Lighting & Staging Pavilion in Hall 4.

Companies exhibiting here include:

  • Botai: LED displays, stage lighting, consoles
  • Guangzhou Hongcheng Stage Lighting: battery wireless PAR lights, indoor/outdoor PAR lights and more
  • ILT Italy: LED fixtures for entertainment, broadcasting and architectural lighting
  • Lightful Light: laser light fixtures
  • Maquinas FX: special effects including fog machines, confetti and flamethrowers
  • Movecat: motion control solutions
  • PLS: digital dimmers, power distributors, rack units, DMX network equipment
  • Pomelo Light: all-weather lighting fixtures
  • SES: power distribution products for the entertainment industry
  • Shenghong: wash lights
  • TMB: lighting fixtures, dimming, power distribution, adapters, cables, rigging, accessories
  • VNS: video processors

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