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Show badges

Show badges

In response to feedback from exhibitors and attendees, we are reintroducing printed show badges at ISE 2023. After you’ve registered for the show, just follow these three steps to obtain your badge.

The process

Step 1

Before you arrive, download ISE 2023 - the Official Show App

The official show app is available in the App Store, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery. 

Be sure to download the app before you arrive at the Fira.

Step 2

Digital entry voucher to access the Fira

To enter the Fira, you need to show your digital entry voucher in the ISE app. As a security measure, the voucher contains a moving element, so you must show the voucher itself, not a screenshot.

Step 3

Collect your printed show badge inside the Fira

When you enter the Fira for the first time, present your digital entry voucher for scanning at one of the desks inside the South or East Access. You will receive your printed show badge and lanyard. Present your printed badge for scanning to enter the show

On subsequent visits, present your digital entry voucher to access the Fira and your printed badge to enter the show.