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ISE Insights

  • It was the residential market that led the way in putting all devices onto the network.
  • The turn of the millennium saw more flexible networking infrastructures drive varied uses within buildings.
  • The rise of displays this century mirrors the rise of the AV systems integration market.
  • The effects of the shift from point-to-point to networked connections have been felt strongly and widely. 
  • The single biggest trend affecting the world of ISE over its 20-year lifetime is undoubtedly IT - and its transformative effects are still being felt today.
  • The history of the last twenty years has seen AV, helped by ISE, carve its own distinct path.
  • The Multi-Technology Zone at ISE 2024 represents the heart of the show, with many of its largest and longest-established exhibitors on display.
  • Some of the most significant and fastest-developing AV technologies can be found among companies concentrating on content production and distribution at ISE 2024.
  • When you want illumination, the Lighting & Staging Zone at ISE is the place to go.
  • While digital signage has been visible in numerous settings for many years, it has increasingly moved from nice to have to essential and is now a business-critical solution set in multiple verticals.
  • Technology continues to transform working and learning environments, creating inclusive, equitable and productive spaces that can improve outcomes and encourage collaboration.
  • From simple smart lighting and heating tools to fully networked solutions, residential and smart building technologies are delivering comfort, efficiency and luxury in both new and retrofit properties ...
  • ISE has teamed up with train operator Renfe to offer a special 10% discount for show attendees.
  • The Audio Zone at ISE 2024 promises to offer a wealth of cutting-edge audio solutions that will reshape AV vertical markets, helping integrators to deliver an immersive and enhanced experience for ent ...
  • Casto Cañavate, Marketing Manager at KNX, discusses the state of the art of IoT systems, and looks at how KNX addresses some of the concerns raised around data security and privacy.
  • Multi Oscar-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy has been revealed as the Opening Keynote for ISE 2024. She will talk about the importance of storytelling and how technology is transforming lives. ...
  • To mark ISE's 20th anniversary in 2024, we sat down with Integrated Systems Events MD Mike Blackman to get the inside story on every aspect of the show. We started at the very beginning...
  • Managing Director Mike Blackman describes how Integrated Systems Events started with him as the only employee in 2003, and grew gradually in the early years.  
  • After Geneva in 2004, the next three editions of ISE took place in Amsterdam, Brussels and then Amsterdam again. Mike explains the thinking behind these choices of location.
  • You may know that the first edition of ISE took place in 2004 in Geneva - but have you ever wondered how and why it was chosen? Mike explains how the show came into being and what came out of it.
  • ISE is the leading integrated AV tech show - and so it makes sense for us to use the technology for our own purposes. But as Mike explains, when it comes to rebooking our exhibitors, it took a while.
  • Integrated Systems Events Managing Director Mike Blackman looks at some of the reasons for ISE's growth over the years - and why it's important to listen to your customers.
  • In 2018, it was announced that ISE would be moving to the Fira Barcelona. Mike Blackman, Managing Director of Integrated Systems Events, looks back at how the venue came to be chosen - and the reactio ...
  • The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the most serious disruptions to work and domestic life for decades. Integrated Systems Events Managing Director Mike Blackman talks about how ISE pivoted to online an ...

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