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Smart Home Technology Stage

Smart Home Technology Stage

  1. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    AI, Metaverse and the Revenge of Analogue
    Generative AI tools will streamline business. Your clients will be drawn to the Metaverse like moths to a flame. But Real Reality is what people crave. You need them all to survive.
  2. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Beyond Sound: Exploring Future Applications of Multiroom Audio Systems (presented by Sonos)
    This panel will delve into the cutting-edge technology and innovative applications of multiroom audio systems. From immersive and spatial audio to wellness and beyond, we will explore how these systems are being used to enhance the listening experience and revolutionize the way we interact with sound. Join us as we hear insights from Sonos, a leading industry brand, as they share their insights and predictions for the future of multiroom audio.
  3. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Build a Stronger Business with Professional Certification
    This session will be led by a panel of CEDIA Certification volunteers and integration business owners who will provide insight and consultation on how to leverage certification to advance your career.

  4. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Cable Fire Regulations: What you and your business need to know
    This is a hugely important topic that has far reaching implications for anyone undertaking installation work . Navigate the confusing topic of fire regulations of EU and UK and specifications to help ensure you make the right choices for you and client that are both pragmatic and safe.
  5. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    CEDIA Annual Meeting
    Get the inside scoop on CEDIA's reimagined global strategy and 2023 initiatives at the Annual Meeting this week at ISE. Stop by the Smart Home Technology Stage on Wednesday at 4 p.m. to hear from CEDIA leadership, including CEO Daryl Friedman.
  6. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Crossover between CI and Pro AV: Opportunities in Resimercial
    As pace gathers for home technology integrators looking to diversify, it’s important to consider potential verticals, methodology, and skillsets that lend themselves to Pro AV. This session will look at the opportunities that exist in both sectors, which solutions offer an easy cross over, and whether there is an option for collaboration between integrators.
  7. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Cyber Security in the Walls: How the smart home industry can ensure the cyber security of their customers
    There’s a new law coming – from 2023 installers, integrators, resellers and manufacturers will need to ensure they meet the latest cyber security standards to be able to access the EU and UK markets whilst avoiding potentially large fines. This interactive presentation will give you the all you need to know about how to prepare, what the requirements are and the road ahead.
  8. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Future Pathway for TV
    This presentation highlights consumer research findings from the DTG’s State of the Nation report into UK Digital TV. What is the status of the TV and video landscape, what are consumer attitudes to the latest features such as 8K, and what do they think of future innovations such as the metaverse.
  9. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Is the Connected Home Actually Smart?
    We coexist in houses filled with technology we no longer fully understand or fully control; what defines smart, what defines the experience of a connected home, and how may we build a human centric experience for the future.
  10. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    ISE 2023 Stand Design Awards
    Created to acknowledge ISE exhibitors and their stand-design efforts, the Stand Design Awards are managed solely by EXHIBITOR magazine. A product of Exhibitor Group , EXHIBITOR magazine has hosted its own highly respected and impartially organised Exhibit Design Awards for over 30 years. The ISE 2023 Stand Design Awards then, follow the same impartial vein and enlist a group of highly esteemed designers and marketers, who have no connection to the show and its exhibitors, to jury the competition.
  11. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Lighting the Way to Bigger Projects
    Feedback from a growing number of integrators suggests that if you’re good at lighting (or partnering with a lighting designer), this is an easier way to get a foot in the door on a project, and often provides a route to providing AV installation and other integration services too. Join Steve Noyes, who transformed his business from an ‘AV first’ business as Eyestones to a ‘lighting first’ as Lighting of London,  for insights into this approach, alongside Peter Broome, Director at Rako.
  12. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Objective vs Subjective. Do standards based engineering deliver exceptional experiences?
    'Standards ensure consistency of experience’ - Is this statement true, and if it is, how might we quantify the excellence of human experience with hard engineering metrics? Focussing on audio within private entertainment spaces, this interactive panel session will discuss the importance of the totality of the experience for our customers, and how best to leverage engineering design to deliver consistent value to them.
  13. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Preserving The Art - From The Olympics, to the Home
    Whilst most talk about consumer entertainment spaces revolves around movies, this discussion will put the spotlight firmly onto sports. We will be discussing what it takes to capture, live mix and distribute immersive content from live events, then examining how well this is rendered in people’s homes to best capture the art and action. Panellists include Nuno Duarte from Olympic Broadcasting Services and Ben Goff, Technical Director of Cinema Lusso. 
  14. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Smart Homes for Sustainable and Independent Living
    New building practices, technologies and lifestyles are changing what it means for housing to be suitable for independent living in the 21st century. The same factors are also driving moves towards more environmentally sustainable homes that will help meet the challenges of climate change and volatile energy prices. This panel discussion will discuss how new and existing homes can be designed to support disabled and older people to live independently in homes fit for our net zero future.
  15. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Sony’s Road to Zero
    Sony is passionate about creating a world filled with emotion, for the next generation, and has recently accelerated its environmental and social initiatives to realise a sustainable society and brighter future for all. At ISE, Sony will present these initiatives that support the global environment and share how it continues to deliver amazing experiences through technology.
  16. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Stuff is Cheap. People are Expensive.
    The strength of successful companies is talent. As stuff becomes commoditised, it’s your people who deliver inspiration, quality, profit and fun. Learn how to recruit, nurture and retain top talent. Nothing else matters.
  17. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    The ECOnomics of ECO: Convert energy saving into more business
    We’ve all known for some time that we should be environmentally conscious. Our resources are limited and now more than ever we’re feeling the squeeze on home economies with soaring energy prices. This has ignited a new drive for energy saving. Not all hero’s wear capes but as integrators we have the tools to add value for our clients by enabling greater energy efficiency, grow our businesses, and even save the planet a little bit too!
  18. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Top 5 Opportunities for 2023
    We're into the new year, and what a year 2022 was! In this session we are going to get into what we believe will be the top five opportunities for an integrator in 2023. We'll get into categories but we may also delve into processes.
  19. 2F350 - CEDIA Smart Home Technology Stage
    Working With Other Trades
    There is no doubt that working with other trades can be very beneficial for your business, but developing your network of trade partners can be difficult and time consuming. Join this panel discussion to hear from experienced integrators how they build and grow their network, why they have chosen to work with certain trade professionals, and how this benefits their business.

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