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Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

  • Jóvenes talentos y tecnología: proyectos de la Semana del Talento

    Clúster AV Cataluña, Eduard Gil - Cluster, Mónica Andreu - Eurecat, Centro Tecnológico de Cataluña, Vanesa Alarcón, Socia - ECIJA, David Villareal - Bah! Studios, Guillem Perramon Brichs - Freelance, Gerard Valls - Freelance, Thalia Escribano - PixelSound, David Mallen - Freelance
  • Revolucionar el restaurante temático con rebranding, experiencias, y comunicación omnicanal

    Rafael Negro, Socio Fundador - ASESICA, Gabriel González-Gordon, License Development Manager - LaLiga
  • El Blockchain y los NTFs en el AV como nunca los habías entendido

    Carles Gómara, Especialista en Transformación Digital - ACCIÓ, Zoom Festival, Organizador - Zoom Festival
  • La IA y el ecosistema musical: desafíos, oportunidades y riesgos

    Sergi Jordá, Professor of Technology - Universidad Pompeu Fabra
  • Integración de tecnologías AV para el aula híbrida

    Jordi Palou, General Director - Global Room
  • Exerfitgaming y la integración total de tecnologías audiovisuales

    Antoni Torrente, Director Visualización Interactiva - FUNDACIÓ EURECAT
  • IT + AV, optimizando soluciones y resultados

    Carlos Bertrand, Director Maverick Iberia - TD SINNEX, José Luis Gion, Communication Services BU Manager - Ricoh España S.L.U., Aristeo López Meilán, Director - Tower TBA, Román Ceriani, CEO ICAP Global Ibérica - ICAP Global
  • La revolución de los platós de producción virtual con pantallas led

    Javier Salinas, Responsable de la Unidad de Innovación y Producción Audiovisual - Universidad CEU San Pablo, Alex Tomàs, Gerente de Ventas Iberia - Infiled, Toni Mena, CTO - Director Técnico - FX Animation Barcelona 3D & Film School, Rubén Plaza, Solutions Specialist EMEA - disguise, Clúster AV Cataluña, Organizador - Clúster Audiovisual de Cataluña, Miquel García - Gestmusic (Banijay Iberia)
  • Drones como peanas inverosímiles para obtener contenido audiovisual

    Rubén Inglés Gimeno, Ingeniero de R+D - Dara Pharma, José Antonio Soria, Profesor - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
  • A Forward Look at Pro AV

    Peter Hansen, Economist - AVIXA, Sean Wargo, VP, Market Intelligence - AVIXA
  • Reset to Return to the Office by HP

    Vincent Dal, EMEA Solution Architect Manager - HP inc | Poly
  • Developing New Revenue Streams with Engaging Digital Signage

    Kevin Bierman, Member, Global Signage Alliance (GSA) Head of Business, Moving Tactics (Pty) Ltd, South Africa - Global Signage Alliance (GSA)
  • The Issue Enterprise IT is Facing

    Mark Webber, Service Support Centre Manager - SouthWest Water UK, Ben Ameur, European Enterprise Sales Manager – Pharmaceutical, Aerospace & Defense - LG, Emran M. Gharaibeh, Security & Central Alarm Center Manager - Housing Bank, Jordan, Robert Huijsmans, Chief Operating Officer - Userful
  • How the Shift to as-a-Service Business Model Results in New Revenue Streams

    Andrew Gross, Vice President of Sales - Xyte, Santosh Harakamani, Head of Service Development - Volvo Group Digital and IT
  • Lux Machina & Virtual Production: What's behind House of The Dragon, The Mandalorian or Bullet Train?

    David Gray, Managing Director - Lux Machina, Cataluña Clúster AV Cataluña, Organizador - Clúster Audiovisual de Cataluña
  • Creating the ideal experience for the hybrid worker

    Julie Crawford, Conferencing Technology Partnerships - Shure
  • Why do Smart Workplaces Fail?

    Lee Styles, Partner - Kromers
  • A holistic approach to reimagining the workplace

    Rob Smith, Senior Director, Integrated Systems Sales - Shure & Philip Stoddart, Co-Founder & Director - coodart
  • IFMA Experts' Assessment 2023

    Jeff Saunders, CEO, Nordic Foresight and Director, Research, IFMA - IFMA
  • Scaling Visual Infrastructure

    John Marshall, President and CEO - Userful
  • Challenges of a UC-Agnostic Enterprise

    Daniel Wordsworth, Solutions Architect - Linklaters
  • Meeting Room-as-a-Service

    Oliver Mack, Managing Partner - Macom
  • Research: 5 Must-Have Qualities of the Future Workplace

    Deborah Hawkins, Director - Keypoint Intelligence
  • The Importance of Creating Truly Inclusive Workspaces

    Yannic Laleeuwe , Segment Marketing Director Workplace - Barco
  • New Normal Workplaces

    Ken Dooley - Haltian
  • Microsoft Teams Update

    Michel Bouman, EMEA Partner Technical Lead - Microsoft
  • A look behind the curtain: Rammstein’s Stadium Tour

    Roland Greil, Lighting & Video Designer - 360 degree collective & Woodroffe Bassett Design & Koen Peeters, Key Account-Project Manager - WiCreations
  • Scaling inclusive learning design with FeedbackFruits

    Ziwei (Jo) Huang, Product Manager - FeedbackFruits & Maria Uglvig, Product Manager - Feedback Fruits
  • Exploring the digital carbon footprint of edtech

    Paul Bailey, Head of codesign - JISC
  • Future-proofing the control room

    Jan Petter Lie, President Europe - Cyviz
  • Streamlining operations at Heathrow Airport

    Tara McLaughlin, Sales and Marketing Manager, UK & EMEA - Ajar Technology
  • Control Room Trends: Data, AI, and Visualisation - Where next?

    Dirk Hendrickx, Chief Sales Officer - WEY Group AG
  • Control Rooms: A Key Driver of Pro AV Growth

    Sean Wargo VP, Market Intelligence, AVIXA
  • Control Room Trends: The Market Analyst View

    Paul Bremner, Principal Analyst, Public Safety & Critical Communications - Omdia
  • The need for flexible display solutions to meet the request for a constantly changing control room

    Kim Rasmussen, European Command & Control Business Development Manager - Samsung
  • Maximizing the Potential of API Technology in Control Rooms

    Robert Huijsmans, Chief Operating Officer - Userful
  • invidis Annual Outlook 2023

    Florian Rotberg, Managing Director - invidis Consulting & Stefan Schieker, Partner - invidis Consulting & Dave Haynes, Publisher/Editor - SixteenNine & Ted Romanowitz, Head of the Professional Displays - Futuresource
  • Power of Content

    Bryan Meszaros, CEO - OpenEye & Monika Lindquist, CMO & CCO - Visual Art
  • The New Gold Standard in Omnichannel Retail - Lefties by Inditex

    Alberto Caceres Alberto Caceres, Global CEO - Trison
  • The Power of Pixels

    Florian Rotberg, Managing Director - invidis Consulting & Stefan Schieker, Partner - invidis Consulting
  • Digital Twins – The Next Frontier for Smart Buildings

    Claire Penny, Director of Global Partnerships - Invicara
  • Smart Building System Integration: Turning Idea into Reality

    Tobias Enders, CEO - GMS Global Media Services
  • UVC Disinfection Systems: Game changing technology in improving indoor air quality

    Michael Bosworth, Executive Vice President, Enterprise/ProAV - Christie Digital Systems
  • Advanced Infrastructures in Building the Connected Building

    José Luis Fernández Carnero, Managing Director of Strategy, Televes Corp. Vice-Chairman Electronics Industry Committee - AMETIC
  • ESG: Bringing Together Data, People & Buildings

    Patrick Edwards, CEO - Neowit
  • Defining the M in MSI

    Mike Brooman, CEO - VANTI
  • Cloud IoT Connectivity with UDMI Schema

    John Brough, Director of European Operations - Delta
  • Sex, Drugs, and Smart Technology

    Elizabeth C. Nelson, Co-Founder & Head of Research and Innovation - Smart Building Collective
  • A Different Future, It Starts Here

    Dan Drogman, CEO - Smart Spaces
  • The Future of IoT in Home and Building Automation

    Heinz Lux, CEO KNX Association
  • Merging the Real and Unreal

    Michael McKenna, CEO & Co-Founder - Final Pixel and BK Johannessen, Business Director for Broadcast and Live Events - Epic Games
  • MediaTech Convergence

    Lorenzo Zanni, Head of Knowledge, IABM
  • Virtual Production Everywhere

    Marcus B. Brodersen, CEO, Pixotope
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