AVIXA Xchange Live

AVIXA Xchange Live

  1. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    Ask the Experts: Where to start with immersive experiences?
    Immersive experiences use technology, storytelling and space to convey a message, educate or entertain. 
    If you are considering taking a step into immersive experiences but have a ton of questions running through your mind, bring your questions to the experts to learn in an engaging way, leverage best practice and gain some top tips!
  2. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    Ask the Experts…Should your workplace strategy be founded on data?
    The workplace is constantly evolving, and technology is evolving with it. Now more than ever, businesses have the ability to make confident, data-based decisions on how to allocate resources.  
  3. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    Ask the Experts…What will the student of the future need from higher education and are we ready?
    One of the keys to successful learning is creating inspiring spaces and engaging experiences.  When Covid-19 regulations were relieved, many students rushed back to campus-based learning to benefit from in-person learning. 
    We assemble an expert panel to explore what the needs of the future student might be and how Universities can adapt alongside changing times. 
  4. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    AV Meetup: Future Tech - Disruption to adoption
    Get together with your tech peers to thrash out your thoughts on emerging tech - including, the reality of XR, the viability of the metaverse and mainstream virtual production.
  5. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    AV Meetup… AV Marketers:  Keep, swap, avoid?
    Get together with your marketing colleagues to discuss the roadmap to marketing in 2030 and beyond - What marketing tactics will continue to work, what known unknowns are coming and what is it time to ditch?  
    • You can discuss topics such as:  
    • Social media success stories 
    • Lead nurturing processes  
    • And more…
  6. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    Avixa Mixer: Beer & bites
    Avixa Mixer: Beer & bites 
    Time to network and spend invaluable time with your industry peers 
  7. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    Fireside Chat With… Mike Whittaker, Chief Technology Officer, Outernet
    Outernet London opened its brand new immersive media, music and culture district in the heart of London in 2022.  
    The space contains an immense digital canvas – including a 5-storey high, floor to ceiling, 360 degree, 16k LED screen surface with 4D and interactive capabilities, making it the most advanced immersive building in the world. 
    We ask the project's CTO, Mike Whittaker how he approached such a vast project, what the tech challenges were and how the experience has been received so far.
  8. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    Fireside Chat With…Jane Ross, EMEA Education Lead, Zoom
    Jane Ross at Zoom is responsible for working with universities, schools and the education community at large, to truly understand how to connect with students and drive learning and innovation on the platform and virtually.  
    Come and hear some of Jane's observations of current learning behaviours and what Zoom is currently working on.
  9. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    How Sónar is using technology to rethink the festival experience: Fireside Chat with Ventura Barba, Antònia Folguera and Andrea Faroppa
    Sónar is a pioneering European Festival, setting the agenda for electronic music and culture since its first edition in 1994. 
  10. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    Panel discussion: Tackling The Hard Path to Evolving Towards A “Services” Centric Business Model
    The details of this Session will be revealed soon.
  11. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    Recreating Gaudi’s creative universe with technology: Fireside Chat    with…Amilcar Vargas & Maria Bernat, Casa Batlló
    Set in the heart of Barcelona, Casa Batllo, the award-winning, multisensory museum seamlessly fuses culture and technology for a unique immersive experience. 
    In this interview, the Casa Batllo team discuss how they went about amplifying the magic of the legacy that Antoni Gaudí left and the challenges of integrating technologies in a World Heritage Site.
  12. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    The AVIXA Mixer
    Time to network and spend invaluable time with your industry peers.
    Join us at 3pm for the Avixa Mixer where you can catch up with familiar faces and make new connections in a relaxed environment. 
    We'll provide the drinks, if you bring the banter! 

  13. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    The AVIXA Mixer
    BikeFest, the fundraising cycle event, returns to Spain for a second year from 27-29 January 2023, cycling up to 400km towards ISE in Barcelona. 
    By doing so, the BikeFest team raises money for industry charity Backup Tech and creates lasting friendships across the live events and AV industries.
    Come and hear the story of Bikefest and help celebrate this outstanding achievement with a drink or two.
  14. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    The Big Mindmap - How to achieve inclusive leadership?
    Everyone has biases. Our unconscious mind works by using shortcuts based on our background, cultural environment, and personal experiences.  This mind mapping session tackles self-awareness to address unconscious bias to help you become a more inclusive leader. The AVIXA Xchange Mindmaps address existing challenges in the AV industry and aim to shake out actionable ideas.
  15. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    The Big Mindmap - What is the future sustainability model?
    The Big Mindmap - What is the future sustainability model? 
    This session kicks off with a short presentation on bringing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the AV industry.  This will be followed with a workshop focusing on Goal 12 of the SDGs, which addresses reuse, repurpose, recycle and proper disposal of AV equipment.  Participants will come up with ways to reduce the amount of AV equipment that is currently ending up in a landfill or dump. 
  16. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    The Big Mindmap - Workforce Development: How to Attract and Retain talent?
    Quiet quitting, the big resignation and so forth,  is that a symptom of not feeling valued?   
    How do we create a level playing field for everyone? 
    Stop, think, let’s work it out
  17. 3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
    Welcome to Avixa Xchange Live!
    Come and join Sanj Surati at Avixa Xchange Live as he kick's off an interactive programme of sessions. 
    If you want a run down of what's in store, who's speaking and how to get the best out of the programme, come along for this intro. 

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