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Education Technology Summit

Education Technology Summit

Wednesday 1 February
Time: 15:00-19:00
Location: CC5.3

Connected, Compassionate and Creative: Edtech for a Changing World

The Education Technology Summit explored how technology is evolving to support learning in a challenging global environment.

Participants heard from, and discussed with, experts from learning provider organisations and the edtech industry. There were opportunities for peer-to-peer sharing in interactive sessions.

The pandemic years accelerated digital transformation and, at the same time, made us reflect on the place for our own humanity in our use of, and interaction with, digital tools. We now look to technology to improve accessibility, to make our curriculum more diverse and inclusive and to aid learner health and well-being.

The summit also highlighted how education providers and tech suppliers can take decisions with regard to their impact on our people and our planet. We showed the ROI from connections and compassion and inspired attendees with examples of the creativity that is advancing the world of learning.

Gill FerrellThe conference was chaired by Dr Gill Ferrell. Gill has been Content Chair for ISE's education-themed conferences since 2017. She leads a learning and teaching special interest group for European universities and supports European learning providers and suppliers developing open edtech standards.

Read our interview with Gill Ferrell

  • "Some analysts were even saying that digital learning could release as much, if not more, carbon than net zero travel options so I wanted to look into this and see if there was any truth in it."
    Paul Bailey
    Head of Codesign, Jisc
  • "Not everything that is possible should be launched. I’m not a technical pessimist but I’m not a total optimist either. Technology can be part of the problem but also part of the solution."
    Jo-An Kamp
    Lecturer, researcher and coordinator, Fontys University
  • "Students can see how tasks contribute to their overall learning goals and the skills they are building. It helps students become owners of their own learning process."
    Ziwei (Jo) Huang
    Edtech product manager, FeedbackFruits


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Summit Programme

  1. CC5.3

    Digital transformation is putting increased demands on AV support services in universities. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) is the largest university in Greece and live streams more than one large-scale (300+ participants) educational event, in face-to-face, virtual or hybrid format, per day. Find out how a structured approach helped them address a range of challenges and deliver an award-winning service.

  1. CC5.3

    The technical focus of AV for learning often emphasises the visual elements of the experience at the expense of audio. Whether the setting is face-to-face, remote or hybrid, we often underestimate the extent to which inadequate audio is a barrier to learning. Join our fireside chat to find out how recent advances in audio technology, and the workflows for applying it, can greatly enhance speech intelligibility to the benefit of all learners.

  1. CC5.3

     In this session we look at the environmental implications of our digital choices. We will compare some different learning and teaching scenarios and consider practical suggestions about steps that colleges and universities might want to consider around carbon emissions resulting from the use of digital technologies in learning and teaching.

  1. CC5.3

    Jo-An will open our eyes to the fact that technology is not as ‘neutral’ as we might think. She will show how an inclusive approach can help us make better design decisions and will offer some fun and practical guidance that we can take away and use.

  1. CC5.3
  1. CC5.3

    A fireside chat between two academic leaders and innovators exploring the potential opportunities and risks of teaching and learning in the next-generation digital environment known as the metaverse. 

  1. CC5.3

    Find out how a Dutch student, with a vision to transform education, grew a global company for pedagogical tools based on ethical principles and co-creation with educators. Explore how the scaling of an inclusive approach to learning design with Interactive Audio and Video, data and AI can drive student engagement and learner success.

  1. CC5.3

    How do you immerse yourself in a context that you have never experienced before? Are we able to achieve equitable education in a different world, followed by imagination?

    In this talk, Microsoft will dive into the concept of immersive experiences in an educational context. We will not only highlight the technical side of the story, introducing Microsoft Mesh, we will also zoom into the concept of equitable education, and how to be inclusive in a hybrid setting.