Fira Barcelona, Gran Vía
31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023

UDE to focus on intelligible sound

During ISE Live & Online in Barcelona, UDE Audio will be highlighting a wide range of audio equipment and systems for a host of applications, including industrial, medical, leisure, retail and houses of worship.

This includes the UDE Active Line Array, which is designed for use in reverberant of acoustically complex spaces.

Also on show is the new GD-37 pre-recorded messages and BGM player (pictured). Content can be managed and programmed via Ethernet through a built-in webserver with playback via manual webserver or timed via an internal calendar of events. It is suitable for commercial use as well as for security sound systems in crowded venues, where the broadcasting of automatic emergency evacuation warnings is required.

UDE has also adapted its portfolio to take account of the current situation and has developed a Windows Intercom Covid-19 Prevention System for spaces such as hospitals, care homes, educational institutions and banks. This bidirectional communication system is adaptable to any type of window, glass or partition. It also allows users to optionally incorporate a small induction loop on both sides to improve the communication experience of people with hearing disabilities.