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31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023

The new world of touring audio

With the live events world slowly coming back to life after two years of uncertainty, Stew Hume, Editor of TPi Magazine, is chairing the Live Events Summit at ISE 2022, which presents a round of panels looking at the developments we are likely to see in the coming years.

During ISE 2022’s Live Events Summit – entitled The New World of Touring Audio – Stew Hume of TPi magazine will lead a set of discussions with the overarching goal of looking at what might lay ahead for the live touring sectors in the coming years, with a focus on emerging trends and technologies. These will cover a range of topics including remote mixing, immersive audio and the development of virtual events.

“Despite the obvious harm that COVID-19 had on the live events sectors, there was a great deal of innovation that took place since March 2020,” states Hume. “During this year’s Live Events Summit we are looking at exploring some of these innovations and how they might affect the live events industry of the future.”

One specific innovation that has come on leaps and bounds during the last few years has been remote mixing, where audio engineers are now able to work on a show in real time without having to be in the same room as the artist. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities and could even lead to more sustainable solutions for an industry that is constantly looking to reduce its carbon footprint. During the sessions, Hume will chat to Jamie Gosney of Sonosphere about their work on the 5G Festival project, which attempted to show the level at which a remote production – with artist and crew all in separate locations – could lead to a whole new audience experience. There will also be a special presentation delivered by Peter Brandt of Remote Recording Network, showcasing their work within this field.

Keeping in the world of audio, Hume will also take a deep dive into the practice of immersive audio by hearing from Klang’s Phil Kamp as well as Southby’s Chris Jones about how immersive audio may play a bigger and bigger role in the live events of the future.

Hume will lead a session exploring how virtual events – from livestream shows to XR shoots – and how they may manifest in the world of live music in 2022 and beyond. To give an insight into this world the panel will welcome Sarah Cox, from recently launched Neutral Human, that aims to bridge the gap between a constantly changing world of technology and the translation needed for business.

Finally, Hume will lead a panel talking about diversity within the sector with a panel, in partnership with WILM (Women in Live Music). This will discuss how, as live events return, there is an ever-growing need to create a more diverse crew workforce, and what infrastructure needs to be in place to facilitate this change.

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