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31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023

The importance of exhibitions in a company's marketing mix

Michael Freter, Sales & Marketing Director, ISE

Michael Freter, ISE Sales and Marketing Director, discusses why trade shows should be an essential element of a company’s marketing strategy.

What is your experience with the world of tradeshow marketing?
After being general manager of a global exhibition organiser for 15 years I must confess that tradeshows are still the most exciting, important, and efficient business drivers for all industries around the globe. But there is also a significant change in the demands from the customers.

From your experience, what do you believe to be the contribution of tradeshow marketing to a company’s brand?
Brand awareness and image building always was one of the main targets at a tradeshow. As well as customer care and looking for new customers.
Today it is much more. Products and solutions getting more complex. Conducting consultations and identifying customer needs is the first step in a customer relationship at a trade show. This has an additional impact on the organization of a company and the leadership behavior as well. It is motivation for more customer focus and for sales structure optimization. Tradeshow marketing is consequent marketing!

Why do you believe companies decide to exhibit at ISE?
ISE offers exhibitors a unique platform to access the largest network of AV industry professionals and buyers from over 180 countries. ISE empowers and supports exhibitors to generate leads, retain customers and transfer knowledge in a dynamic and innovative environment.

In your opinion, what is the future of tradeshow marketing?
New contacts at trade fairs are subject to a certain coincidence. This will be one of the future changes. Bringing the right people together in a targeted manner. I call it “match-making”. This is precisely where technologies help. Trade fairs always mean bringing people together live. This is the only way to really get to know each other, to build trust and to jointly develop solutions to problems.

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