What is AVIXA?


We’re Part Association, Part Society

We’re part association, part society; a mix of professionals from all over the globe who create those cool experiences you have in meetings, classes, and events in offices, airports, museums, sports arenas, theatres, concerts…

We’re the hub for all people and things AV.

(AVIXA has more than 11,400 members)

Sharing Our Love of Technology, Creative Content and Communication

We share our love of technology, creative content, and communication with you at events around the world with trade shows, webinars, courses, networking, and other events.

The Industry Leader for Professional Collaboration, Information, and Community

We’re the industry leader when it comes to professional collaboration, information, and community, leading the world with all the necessary resources: AV standards, certification, training, market intelligence, and thought leadership.

For Creatives Who Use Technology for Integrated Experiences

We’re the place where creatives who use technology for integrated experiences can come to find the AV expertise they need.

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