Vicente Caruz Middleton


Vicente Caruz Middleton

Vicente Caruz Middleton

President, Eurochile Business Foundation

President of the Eurochile Business Foundation, a private non-profit entity, founded jointly by the State of Chile and the European Union in 1993.

Civil Engineer by profession, title awarded by the University of Chile. Director of Development and Networks and member of the North South Investment Society. During the course of his career he has chaired several boards and managements in the financial sector, to name a few: former director of ALIDE, Latin American Association of Financial Institutions for Development; former general manager of the Development Bank and former president of the same bank; former president and former general manager of the Financial Society FINTESA S.A. He has also served on the boards of the College of Engineers and the Institute of Engineers. Between 1965 and 1985, he was professor at the universities of Chile and Católica of Chile.

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