Robin Hofmann


Robin Hofmann

Robin Hofmann

CEO, HearDis!

From his early beginnings as a young DJ and communication designer, Robin was always fascinated by the impact of sounds and visuals on our perceptions, emotions and behaviours. After running his own record label, Pulver Records, while also consulting brands on ways to effectively implement music in marketing, founding HearDis! in 2005 was a natural progression for Robin Hofmann and his business partner, Felix Haaksman.

Since day one, HearDis! is all about a new take on Audio Branding and empowering brands with the sound that makes them audibly distinctive and memorable. Collaborating with a diverse range of clients from fashion to hospitality and automotive, HearDis! has a proven track record of creating unique sound DNAs for brands, from local businesses to international global players alike. 

As a tech-driven thinker, Robin led the R&D project ABC_DJ, which concluded in 2019 and already back then painted a very clear picture of the future possibilities that lie within merging machine learning and human creativity. AI tools have since become a standard tool in Robin’s work, combining human sensitivity with artificial intelligence, visionary tech and a curious approach to data analytics. Today, Robin leads HearDis! as the CEO and, together with his teams in Stuttgart and Berlin, creates a broad range of impactful, audible brand products and digital services.

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