Martin Saul


Martin Saul

Martin Saul


Martin is the Chairman of the AVIXA BOARD and CEO of ICAP GLOBAL Group, an AV Integration and Distribution Company headquartered in Argentina with a presence in LATAM and Europe.

ICAP GLOBAL is a part of GPA, the #1 AV Integrator in the World, with a footprint in 50+ countries.

His own company was recognized as the #1 AV Integration Company in Latam for the past 6 years, Martin excels in identifying and successfully developing technology businesses. His strengths include creating globally oriented teams, navigating volatile economies, swiftly adapting strategies, and embracing major industry trends.

Passionate about the AV industry, Martin has been advocating for continuous professional evolution, inspiring individuals to reach their full potential for more than 25 years.

Outside of the business world, he treasures his family of 5+2 (three children and two cats), indulges in progressive music, enjoys a fine scotch whisky, and finds joy in playing soccer sporting his Boca Juniors jersey.

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