Cristiano Mazza


Cristiano Mazza

Cristiano Mazza

Partner, Discabos Group Brazil

Cristiano Mazza, is a partner at Discabos Group, one of the main audio and video distributors in Brazil. Graduated in Physical Education from the University of São Paulo in 2000, he moved to Italy where he lived until 2003.

He started his career as a salesman at Discabos, focusing on the electronic product line. He participated in the creation of the AVLife and FastClick brands until the development of Grupo Discabos, when he became a partner in the company. In 2018 he became head of the company's operations, being responsible for relationships with suppliers, logistical operations and product forecasting.

In 2020 he was invited to join the Board of Directors of Avixa Foundation, a charitable arm of Avixa, focused on developing the workforce in the AV industry. In 2022 he was elected president of the Foundation, a position he continues to serve until the end of 2023.

In July 2023 he began to command the operation of DUCaaS, an AV technical services outsourcing company that is part of the Discabos Group, where he continues to date.

Cristiano Mazza is concerned about the future of the AV industry regarding two important topics: Education and Sustainability. He feels a deep sense of purpose in being part of SAVe.

A marathon runner for pleasure, he currently lives in São Paulo, Brazil, with his wife Patricia and children Luca and Bianca.

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