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31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023

Some thoughts on sponsorship and its effect on your show participation

Otto Viersen, International Sales Manager, ISE

International Sales Manager Otto Viersen discusses his experience in the world of sponsorship sales and how he believes sponsorship can positively impact visitor engagement at the show.

What is your experience with regard to sponsorship sales?  

With more than seven years’ experience working in sponsorship sales, I have learned how much value sponsorships can bring to a company. This added value can come from increasing brand awareness, profitability, promoting products and so on.

I work collaboratively with my clients to support them in the process of achieving their goals and objectives. This allows them to get meaningful and effective contact with their target group and ensures they will make the best use of the exposure they receive.

In your opinion, how do you believe being a sponsor enhances a company’s participation at the show?  

The number one benefit of being a sponsor is visibility of your brand; your company name and logo will appear on several signs at the show. This could lead to direct sales opportunities, building your network, generating leads and meeting potential customers.

In addition, you get the chance to showcase and launch a service or product throughout the different marketing channels of ISE, before and during the event.

Why should a company choose to be a sponsor? What benefits does it bring? 

When thinking about whether to be a sponsor it is key to look at your own goals and objectives. Therefore, it is important to work together and find out exactly what has the most value in order to select the right sponsorship items for your company.

What types of sponsorship opportunities could be available in the future?  

ISE is dedicated to sponsorship, so much so that we have a specialist working on this. My colleague Edenio Sabajo has crafted a full range of sponsorship opportunities at ISE 2022, and these are available to see on the interactive Branding and Sponsorship brochure. However, if you are looking for a tailor-made opportunity, Edenio can help you craft something very special and specific to your organisation’s needs.

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