Smart Workplace Summit


Smart Workplace Summit

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    How corporates and institutions are utilising emerging and immersive technologies to improve workflows, increase productivity and save valuable time and money - all whilst improving the employee experience for those in the office and those working remotely
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    Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an increasingly pivotal role in shaping our lives. How can advancements in technology, research, and policy can help minimize bias and promote more equitable AI systems?
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    Incorporating different aspects of AI into their audio solutions
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    IFMA to share report on latest findings
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    What will the office of the future be like?
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    Marcus Saunders will share his experiences of working closely with internal customers to understand their needs in depth and turn those needs into AV designs influenced by the need to be flexible, modular, encourage creative thinking, to be energy conscious, and to act as a source of data for insight and change.
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    AI powered solutions offer promising developments across different fields: optimize workflows, simplify integration, and enable a level of personalization and interaction never seen before in the world of AV Technology.
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    Find out how to build inclusive workplaces, and what inclusion looks like in practice
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    This session will focus on how to integrate ESG into operations.
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    Welcome by Gary Keene
  12. CC5.1
    Welcome by Gary Keene
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    Conference Summary

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