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Smart Workplace Summit

Smart Workplace Summit

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    Factoring in audio, room design and the human element in contemporary office environments.  Shure and coodart will discuss the latest trends in recent practical projects and why it’s easier to achieve than ever before.  
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    Many Global Enterprises or client-focussed businesses are having to cater for participation from a wide range of UC Platforms. IT departments desire standardisation, whilst users demand a seamless and consistent experience regardless of joining from their laptop at their desk or from a Video Conferencing system.

    Are Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms Enterprise Ready?
    Join Dan Wordsworth for this interactive discussion for insight on the common challenges, solutions and thoughts for the future!
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    In this session you learn about the Google Vision for the smart workplace and some of the latest updates on Google Meet and Google Meet Hardware.

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    How do you make spaces smarter so team members onsite and around the world can connect and collaborate? 

    From understanding the right-fit solutions for each space and achieving seamless integration of new systems to ensuring meeting equity for every employee, there are many considerations in choosing the optimal technology and partner. This session will focus on insights and solutions for planning and deploying Smart Collaboration tools for your enterprise. 
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    In this session, we'll explore the findings from IFMA's "Experts' Assessment - a real-time Delphi study that collects qualitative and quantitative insights from leading workplace specialists worldwide. 

    This study assesses the current challenges and future priorities to help organizations and practitioners prepare for new opportunities for future development by harvesting and analyzing the insights of industry-leading subject matter experts (SMEs).
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    Meetings today are almost exclusively hybrid. The digitalization and flexibility requirements for office buildings are increasing sharply. Supply chains are critical success factor. Responsibility for meeting & collaboration services is shifting to IT. The talk will explain the changing needs and rising demands for "AV as a Service" models.
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    In a world of workplace change, this session will bring you the latest updates on Microsoft Teams.
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    An opportunity to taste a selection of light Spanish fare and to mingle and meet speakers, staff and delegates
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    The presentation will show the practical steps that this large corporation has taken and the digital tools that support the new policies.

    A number of similar cases will also be shown that show the practical steps taken by other large companies such as Lego Denmark and Uniper Germany. 
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    Under the vain of work is what you do and not a place, a number of factors are already emerging that would make workplaces more attractive to current employees as well as assist in the recruitment of future employees. 

    In this session, we'll explore the  five qualities that future workplaces must have.
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    In an age of AV and IT convergence, Userful’s software-defined platform has really changed the landscape of the AV-over-IP space. By evolving the traditional hardware-intensive environments with software-based solutions, the smart workplace can future-proof its operations with a flexible, scalable, secure platform, ultimately helping further modernize the digitally transformed workplace.
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    A panel of experts joins the Moderator to summarize and review the Big Ideas of the 2023 conference. In a Town Hall fashion, the audience will have the opportunity to join in with comments and share their views and experiences.

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    Listen to the valuable insights of the latest quantitative and qualitative Barco ClickShare research. Based on that research, Yannic Laleeuwe, segment marketing director Workplace at Barco, will share her view on how to create truly inclusive workplaces centered around the people. And not the other way around.

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    No longer the all-powerful setting for work, Unworking explores how the modern office is morphing into something else: We predict it will become more sentient, social, elastic and personalized, a magnetizing response to people having a choice about whether or not to come to the office whereas before there was simply no alternative. But you’ll have to read the book to find out how.
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     Join Lee Styles for an insight into avoiding the common challenges, mistakes, and pitfalls that organisations make when delivering a smart workspace