The 3 P's of Being a Design Professional Project Partner



The 3 P's of Being a Design Professional Project Partner

01 Feb 2024
The 3 P's of Being a Design Professional Project Partner
DISCLAIMER: The additional hour (1:30-2:30) is exclusive to CEDIA Members only, this will provide access to the CEDIA CPD content, and you will earn CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI) credentials. To be a COI and gain access to the CPD material, you will need to join with a CEDIA company membership - https://cedia.org/membership/join-cedia/ 

Position yourself in front of Architects, Interior Designers & Builders as the expert and yourself as their Smart Homes Project Partner. In order to gain credibility and promote our incredible industry as a profession that design professionals can work with to enhance their clients lifestyles. This session will cover through the following: 
  • How to understand and work with Architects & Designers.
  • Learn how you adapt your business to focus on being a project partner with design professionals, this will cover key presentation skills and different learning styles. 
  • Discuss how to best work with design professionals, building relationships with them and what to expect as well as best social media practices therefore allowing you to put your best foot forward and truly learn from the best. 

Learning Objectives: 
  • Key presentation skills 
  • Understanding your audience 
  • Different techniques of presenting and learning styles of the audience 
  • Gained knowledge of how to work with your desired Design & Build professionals 
  • Use question and answer sessions to facilitate learning 

You will be given a handful of materials that have been created to help you in your journey in working with Design professionals. These will include but are not limited to; sample email templates, FAQs and Designers Guide to Common Tech Terms.

Damien Smith, Client Director - New Wave AV

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