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RP22 Immersive Audio System Design Recommended Practice Workshop


RP22 Immersive Audio System Design Recommended Practice Workshop

02 Feb 2023
RP22 Immersive Audio System Design Recommended Practice Workshop
CEDIA/CTA RP22 is a comprehensive update of the CTA/CEDIA CEB22 Recommended Practice from 2009. It discusses and defines objective performance targets for audio system and room design across all private entertainment spaces. Created and peer reviewed by a group of around 40 experts from around the world, and created under ANSI guidelines, when released it will be the definitive reference on the subject, and is product and format agnostic. 

This intensive advanced workshop will introduce the new guidelines in RP22, focussing in on the four new objectively defined levels of performance that will define different levels of immersive experience. We will follow a teach then do approach for the class, with participants working in small groups to apply some of the RP22 guidelines to real world rooms. Specific products and brands will not be discussed, and we will be taking a purely objective engineering approach. This is not an introductory course and participants are expected to be experienced cinema designers already well versed in performance engineering. This course is suitable for integrators, distributors, manufacturers, consultants and anyone who wants to practice standards based private entertainment space design.

The course will be led by Peter Aylett who chaired the RP22 workgroup, and will be assisted by Ben Goff and Adam Pelz who also worked on creating this landmark recommended practice. 

Learning Objectives
• Describe the experiential and commercial advantages of objective standards based engineering design.
• Summarise the new zonal approach to immersive audio speaker locations for multiple seating positions.
• Perform calculations for seat to seat SPL consistency according to the new performance levels definitions.
• Participate in applying some of the new recommended practices to real-world room scenarios
Adam Pelz, Owner - Bespoke Cinemas
Peter Aylett, Partner - Officina Acustica
Ben Goff, Technical Director - Cinema Lusso

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