Room Acoustics for Better Bass



Room Acoustics for Better Bass

01 Feb 2024
Room Acoustics for Better Bass
Designing room acoustics that allow systems to deliver excellent bass across multiple seating locations, while not over-absorbing high and midrange frequencies, is probably the most difficult thing to achieve in small room acoustics. This panel session will discuss best practices and explore different methods and approaches. Discussion questions and topics include: What is the role of EQ vs. physical acoustics, can models predict room modal behaviour, how much bass absorption do you really need, and how to implement different types of bass absorption products. Questions and comments from the audience will be encouraged in this fast and engaging session.
Peter Aylett, Partner - Officina Acustica
Adam Pelz, Owner & President - Bespoke Cinemas
Arnaud Laborie, Co-Founder - CEO - Trinnov Audio
Roberto Gamba, Business Development Manager CI - Sonus faber
Anthony Grimani, President - PMI / Grimani Systems

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