Fira Barcelona, Gran Vía
31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023

Smart Crowd Control and audience measurement among easescreen offering

Easescreen will be demonstrating a number of market-ready digital signage solutions at ISE@Barcelona.

easescreen logoThis includes easescreen Smart Crowd Control, a high-precision people-counting system. With Smart Crowd Control, a GDPR-compatible stereo camera system on the ceiling detects people entering or leaving a defined area. Combined with a digital signage system, ‘Stop’ or ‘Go’ can be automatically displayed on any output devices to ensure safe capacity levels.

A single sensor can track and detect up to 200 people at the same time. With additional sensors it is possible to cover large areas and zones at entrances or in a room. No additional servers, active PCs or video management systems are required. The sensors are said to work with an accuracy of over 99% and not be influenced by shade or heat.

The RFID-based Lift or Place & Learn, meanwhile, automatically detects distance changes of a product, such as lifting (Lift) or placing (Place), triggering multimedia content for that product to be played via easescreen. In the case of two or more products, the customer is presented with a product comparison to support the purchase decision.

Finally, easescreen eSign is a room booking and resource management solution for the management of appointments, rooms and resources. In combination with the eSign Server, eSign Doorsigns support two-way synchronisation and the automatic import of booking information (Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.) and are compatible with all common database types and booking systems via CSV or XML.