Glenn Jystad
9 Feb 2018 | 12:30 - 13:00 | Unified Communications Theatre | InFocus Add to calendar
Making conferencing as common as a dial-tone
Glenn Jystad
Director of Product Marketing
Video conferencing can improve business relations, and can show the facial expressions, posture and other nonverbal cues that are lost in audio communication. But, many businesses aren't using it due to their system or platform's lack of interoperability with their colleagues and clients, or because it's too expensive. As the workplace becomes more remote and interactive, quality video conferencing for every employee will be crucial in business growth, employee satisfaction, and productivity. In this session, Glenn Jystad from InFocus will discuss how to make conferencing part of everyday meeting practices, and technologies and implementations that contribute to a quality video conferencing experience.
Speaker Biography:
Glenn Jystad is a Director of Product Marketing at InFocus, focused on bringing new collaboration and conferencing services to market. He has a background in software design, having previously been director of software at InFocus, and director of software at Fugoo. Glenn graduated from the University of California, Irine with a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Sciences.