Michael Franken
6 Feb 2018 | 16:30 - 17:00 | Smart Building Solutions Theatre | Thinka Add to calendar
Voice control improves the life of physically challenged people
Michael Franken
Co-Founder and CEO
Thinka / Zilverline
Voice control is not just a new technology that brings comfort to consumers around the world. It can substantially support physically challenged people in their homes or care institutions. Thinka has developed a gateway for KNX installations to communicate with Amazon Echo and other voice control systems. The first patients are using this technology and they find that it enhances their quality of living and they regain some independence. This presentation tells you how this technology works and how it improves the life of physically challenged people.
Speaker Biography:
Michael Franken (1966) is a seasoned entrepreneur and software developer. As founder, CEO and coder of Zilverline he and his teams create great products. Within Zilverline two sister companies were founded: Jortt.nl and Thinka.eu. Michael has been CTO of multiple companies (i.e. marviQ and Xebia) and has been active in E-commerce and web development since 1997 when he joined Netscape. Michael has worked with many influential people in the Agile community including Jeff Sutherland, and has been key in introducing Scrum in the Netherlands where he became the first Certified Scrum Trainer in 2009. He is the founder of Agile Holland, author of ‘Scrum for Dummies’ (in Dutch and German) and coaches development teams on Agile practices and principles (i.e. Ahold, RTL, Achmea). Michael strongly believes in the self-organization, and loves to inspire and challenge people and teams to continually improve themselves and to have fun while doing that.