Jean-Baptiste Lorent
9 Feb 2018 | 14:00 - 14:30 | Unified Communications Theatre | intoPIX Add to calendar
TICO : Introduction to new compression profiles and ISO JPEG-XS standardisation for AV over IP
Jean-Baptiste Lorent
Jean-Baptiste Lorent, author of the TICO SMPTE RDD35 and expert from intoPIX, will present the latest advances of TICO compression technology, moving to ISO standardisation, as a new international image coding technology, called JPEG-XS . The upcoming new profiles of TICO developed by intoPIX offer higher compression ratio, low-latency lightweight image coding and lossless quality that is able to support increasing resolution (from HD, to 4K ,up to 8K) in a cost effective way for AV over IP. During the session, Jean-Baptiste Lorent will provide results of a benchmark comparing TICO compression technology moving to JPEG and other codecs available today.
Speaker Biography:
Jean-Baptiste Lorent is Chief Marketing Officer at intoPIX, an innovative company in image processing and video compression technology. In this position, Jean-Baptiste has overall responsibility for driving intoPIX product roadmap and strategy, as well as overseeing the development of technology and innovative cores that can be leveraged in audio-visual applications. He is also responsible for worldwide sales and marketing activities and is active in several committees and organisations in the industry such as SMPTE, VSF, VESA or TICO Alliance. Jean-Baptiste joined intoPIX in September 2007 and holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Engineering at Louvain School of Management at the UCL University in Belgium.