Jonathan McFarlane
6 Feb 2018 | 16:00 - 16:30 | Commercial Solutions Theatre | ACA Projects Add to calendar
Embracing open APIs and flexible platforms for a truly smart building
Jonathan McFarlane
Co-founder, CEO
ACA Projects
Many projects still roll-out disparate systems for room control, audiovisual, room booking, people tracking, hot-desk management, access and security. But there is an opportunity to connect all these experiences together via open APIs and standard IT infrastructure. By connecting all devices, systems, users and location sensors into a single platform- the building can provide a much 'smarter' experience. This talk focuses on unlocking new possibilities by breaking down all user experience into two simple factors WHO someone is and WHERE they are in the building. This comes from single sign-on (who) and location tracking such as WiFi triangulation (where). Everything else can be automated around the user as they navigate the building. Jonathan McFarlane, CEO of ACA Projects will provide examples of how we have provided smart building solutions focusing on WHO and WHERE for clients such as PwC, Rabobank and International Towers.
Speaker Biography:
After graduating from the University of Sydney with a Masters of Design Science, Jonathan set out to disrupt how we interact with technology in the built environment. This led to the co-founding of ACA Projects which delivers smart building solutions at both a precinct and tenancy level.A core focus is to provide workplace management solutions, but ultimately Jonathan is interested in blurring the lines between hospitality, retail and the modern workplace. This is achieved by taking a platform approach to technology which allows seamless transition from one user experience to another.Buttons, touch panels and antiquated hardware systems cannot meet the challenges of today's workplace. Jonathan leads the UX team at ACA and works directly with clients to scope user experiences that can adapt to new ways of working and be applied at a multinational level.