Paul Foulkes
9 Feb 2017 | 14:00 - 14:30 | Smart Building Solutions Theatre | Echohouse Energy Add to calendar
Smart technology as part of care provision support
Paul Foulkes
Echohouse Energy
As we age in our homes, our needs will vary. Some people will prefer support, others independence. The objective of correctly-suited technology is to provide either in the same building, and also enabling the change from one to the other, gradually or with immediacy. Designing for the care sector has some very specific and challenging requirements; residents needs vary, care delivery needs to be tailored. In this type of environment, ensuring that the building operates as demanded, and reflects the needs of resident, staff and facility management is vital. Having an integrated system enables those requirements to be met and at the same time can reduce the overlap of equipment. This simplifies the build process, reduces cost at build and for maintenance and integrates building control and care provision. This level of integration means care provision is part of the building, not simply added on.
Speaker Biography:
Paul Foulkes is an independent intelligent buildings consultant. He has been involved in engineering since he was 16, starting as an apprentice. His early years were spent in the aircraft industry? first on maintenance and later R&D. Moving to continental Europe, he entered the construction sector in the early 90s concentrating in all aspects of renewables, intelligent technologies and low energy building techniques. Returning to UK in to 2012, he completed a Masters in Architecture and the built environment, then spent time in project management.