Karl Kahlau
8 Feb 2018 | 10:00 - 10:30 | Unified Communications Theatre | Powersoft - DEVA Division Add to calendar
Using Powersoft DEVA networked multimedia system as the new generation of information systems in professional AV installations.
Karl Kahlau
Executive Director - DEVA
Powersoft - DEVA Division
In these days of information flow and IoT systems, Powersoft DEVA heads the development of multimedia systems for installation professionals. Venue owners and operators are not only looking to invest in a system specifically designed for one single task anymore, but want to get their investment valid for as many tasks as possible. Both the sheer investment for a system as well as down-time when implementing traditional one-task systems are obstacles for flexibility, scalability, important feedback and a healthy ROI. The approach to this is to use a flexible and networked infrastructure to provide the back bone for a multitude of services. This is where DEVA answers the call, offering a scalable and fully networked system, able to deliver critical business-related functions. DEVA is an industry-unique approach to deliver functionality that includes, site-wide and fully zonable paging and musical distribution, environmental understanding and control, security and advanced video-analysis, crowd control, smart reactional behavior, and much more... Karl Kahlau is to talk about designing and implementing such a modern system using Powersoft DEVA and what this new approach will entail for the industry. He will bring up a recent case-studies, concretely exemplifying the multitude of advantages that comes when implementing this new generation of networked information systems.
Speaker Biography:
Karl Kahlau brings over two decades of experience within the export industry where, before joining Powersoft in 2013, for more than 12 years was responsible for sales and marketing. As Export Sales Manager EMEA at Renkus-Heinz Inc. in his previous work, he pioneered sales in Europe and he Middle East on electronically steerable self-powered and networked loudspeakers systems and has been an evangelist of promoting high quality, premium performance installations. In recent years, together with the Powersoft team, he has successfully built sales and support networks in regions such as Middle East, North Africa and most recently India. Today, Kahlau heads the DEVA Division at Powersoft SpA into what may be one of the fastest growing product niches in a long time. DEVA is a networked Internet of Things professional multimedia system for installations.