Suchit Rout
6 Feb 2018 | 14:30 - 15:00 | Unified Communications Theatre | Barco Add to calendar
Enhancing efficiency and accelerating decision-making through information sharing
Suchit Rout
Director of Global Strategic Marketing
In security, critical infrastructure protection and process control environments, there is an ever increasing need for greater operational efficiency through shared situational awareness. This is creating a demand for improved visualisation and collaboration, not just in the control room, but also from the field crews all the way up to the CEO. That is why Barco has developed the innovative visualisation platforms that enable operations across organisations to control, monitor and collaborate better. Our solutions do not confine themselves to one location or one data source, but are built to create an overall situational overview - anytime, anywhere. The goal is to increase operator efficiency and enable more effective decision making.In addition, Barco's workspace solutions (OpSpace) and visualisation platforms are totally scalable both in cost and functionality.
Speaker Biography:
Mr. Suchit Rout heads the Global Strategic Marketing team in the Enterprise business unit for the Operator Experience group at Barco and is based in Atlanta, USA. Mr. Rout has over fourteen years of strategic marketing management experience across various regions and economies of the world. During his tenure at Barco since 2007, he has held various positions in technology, product marketing, market development, strategic business development, key account management, strategic alliances and strategic marketing management. He speaks English and Spanish as primary business languages.