Roger McArdell
7 Feb 2018 | 16:00 - 16:30 | Commercial Solutions Theatre | Ashton Bentley Add to calendar
Effective meeting room systems don't need to be complex (no matter what the salesman says).
Roger McArdell
Cheif Technology Officer
Ashton Bentley
Future of the workplace.
As user demand increases and collaboration technology changes, AV and/or VC kit is needed in every meeting room. Using the traditional multi-vendor hardware solution, not all but many, consultants and Systems Integrators specify as much equipment as possible. These systems are usually expensive to buy, and are difficult and expensive to maintain. So, the result is that they just don't get used as much as they should. The workplace of the future should be: Simple; Commoditised; Standardised; Managed. The AV industry (consultants included) needs to change to maximise the potential of this growing demand for usable yet correctly equipped meeting rooms.
Speaker Biography:
Roger McArdell has over 25 years' experience as an audio visual professional, most of which has been as an end user of audiovisual (AV) and video conferencing (VC) products and services.11 years at British Telecommunication where he was responsible for AV and VC for the Chairman and board of directors. Exposure to early VC technology led to a fascination for remote collaboration and its many challenges.Roger then moved to Ove Arup and Partners, the renowned consulting engineers, where he worked as an Audio-Visual Consultant. At Arup Roger was responsible for many innovative projects such as the Imperial College distance teaching network, the largest distance teaching network in the world at that time.In 1998 Roger joined Barclays Capital as Global Head of AV. At Barclays Roger developed the VC service from a dozen rarely used endpoints, to a global network with VC systems in every office. After 5 years Roger moved to Barclays Group as Head, Global Media Services, where once again he built a highly successful global AV/VC/Collaboration service. In 2011, frustrated at the complexity and difficulty users had deploying and operating AV systems, Roger became co-founder of Ashton Bentley. Ashton Bentley is dedicated to developing commoditised yet technically advanced AV and VC systems.rnrnRoger is a qualified engineer, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Ashton Bentley.