Julian Barkes
7 Feb 2017 | 15:30 - 16:00 | Smart Building Solutions Theatre | BEMCO Electrical Wholesaler Add to calendar
Transitioning traditional electricians and custom installers to smart electricians and integrators
Julian Barkes
KNX Sales and Marketing
KNX as a protocol enjoys much more recognition as a proven automation and building control technology in mainland Europe than the UK. The KNX market in the UK is still small (but growing) compared to other established systems and brands, despite its many advantages (openness, flexibility and cost).

How can KNX get a bigger foothold in the UK? Education and training is the key.

Julian Barkes from BEMCO (one of the larger UK independent electrical wholesalers) explains the efforts they are making to help educate and up-sell their customers to newer technologies and to KNX in particular. They have created a knowledge centre and business support environment to enable traditional sparks and custom installers to equip themselves with the necessary skills to take advantage of the smart opportunities in today's rapidly changing market.
Speaker Biography:
Purchasing Director at BEMCO, one of the larger independent electrical wholesalers in the UK.

Twenty years experience in Advertising before joining the family business in 2012.

With a brief to modernise the business Julian set up a Controls division in 2013 with a specific focus on KNX.

Based in central London and with 7 branches around the country, BEMCO is committed to helping contractors and installers transition from traditional electrician to Smart installer via various educational and demand generating initiatives.