Stanislav Soldatov
7 Feb 2018 | 10:00 - 10:30 | Unified Communications Theatre | TrueConf Add to calendar
Adding video conferencing into any device using SDK tools
Stanislav Soldatov
For the last 10 years video conferencing managed to find its way into all spheres of our life and eventually became irreplaceable. This technology has come a long way from a high-end solution available only for the few major companies to a popular service widely used across the globe every day. The concept of VCaaS (video conferencing-as-a-service) is gradually transforming into VCaaF (video conferencing-as-a-feature), easily added into any platform or endpoint by means of API/SDK toolkits. Video conferencing has already radically changed telemedicine and distance education, and is now revolutionising the sphere of remote customer service. API/SDK enables vendors to embed video conferencing into websites, desktop or mobile applications, ATMs, video kiosks, vertical appliances, etc. Adding third-party technology into an existing product leads to the dependency you cannot control, which puts your products at unwanted risks. Depending on the customer needs, there are various kinds of SDK platforms, and it is extremely important to choose the right solution for your product. Customers need to understand which SDK types and technologies are on the market now to make the right choice. In our seminar will will discuss how to develop video conferencing-enabled vertical appliances based on our hands-on experience and real case studies. In our session we are going to discuss the main video conferencing SDK technologies available on the market today. Our presentation will help educate the audience on the importance of API/SDK programming and provide more details on the API/SDK technical issues based on our hands-on experience.
Speaker Biography:
Stanislav Soldatov was born in Moscow on 14 March, 1978. He graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics in 1999. From 1998 to 2002, Stanislav was working in the IT department of a large consumer goods company. In 2002, he began his career in the sphere of video conferencing development. Stanislav has been in his current position as Chief Technical Officer at TrueConf since 2006. Area of expertise: video encoding, video and audio streaming, video processing, computer vision, 3D video, software development.