Lev Yakupov
7 Feb 2018 | 14:00 - 14:30 | Unified Communications Theatre | TrueConf Add to calendar
Evolution of 4K point-to-point video conferencing
Lev Yakupov
For the last few years, 4K video has been invading the video conferencing market, bringing higher quality standards and new technologies into the industry. Today, with affordable 4K webcam and 4K-ready video conferencing software, we are on the verge of stepping into 4K era. Or are we? While 4K group video conferences already come as no surprise to anybody in the industry, 4K point-to-point video calls are still new and difficult to implement. As technologies are constantly developing, embracing 4K communications is becoming more and more practical for enterprises of all sizes. Having immense hands-on experience in developing 4K video conferencing software, we are ready to share a few insights about 4K video industry. In our presentation we are going to reveal technical issues accompanying 4K adoption and discuss if it is time for today's enterprises to start playing with 4K-enabled meeting rooms. We will also draw on our experience in developing 4K video conferencing software and share our best practices in working with 4K video.
Speaker Biography:
Lev joined TrueConf more then 10 years ago and has built his career from software developer to CMO. Prior to leading current TrueConf marketing efforts, Lev took an active part in launching of numerous video conferencing projects such as hosted multi-point pre-paid video conferencing service suitable for ADSL and metered connections back in 2004, or highly loaded B2C video chat community with more then 2 millions of users in 2008.