Joe Rabah
6 Feb 2018 | 16:00 - 16:30 | Unified Communications Theatre | RMG Networks Add to calendar
The connected experience
Joe Rabah
Managing Director EMEA
RMG Networks
How can companies and brands communicate to all their stakeholders front and back office in a coherent and impactful way? Technological advancements are introducing new and exciting communication possibilities for all organisations; but has the role of Unified Communications changed as a result, and more specifically, which part can new generation innovative multi-platform visual communications play in these endeavours? This session will open up peoples' minds to the opportunities that come with UC technology when integrated with leading digital signage, and the significant results it can deliver. Recent innovations will be featured as examples of how such technology can be used to great effect. Attendees will also be provided with practical advice on how to implement new platforms for themselves and their clients, as well as an in-depth example of a specific crisis emergency case and how to use visual communication technology to provide internal as well as external stakeholders with relevant information in real time in such a context. Finally this session will also shed some light on the pitfalls to avoid and which criteria should guide good decisions when it comes to matters of choosing the right visual communications strategy.
Speaker Biography:
Joe Rabah has a long career with RMG and been with the business over 21 years, in various roles such as director of product management, senior vice president of product solutions and innovation and managing director of the Middle East. Since 2009, Rabah has been appointed managing director of EMEA in a move to streamline both markets, increase efficiencies for the business and deliver innovative ways of working across the board. He has a strong combination of business and technical expertise and has an eye for innovation and creating transformational digital experience through the use of interactive visual technologies.