Chris Merrick
13 Feb 2020 | 11:30 - 12:00 | Main Stage | Shure Add to calendar
AV & IT Have Been Dating for a While. When will they take the next step?
Chris Merrick
Director, Marketing Global Systems
--The evolving AV Industry and how manufacturers and the channel can adapt to the IT customer--
As networked audio technology has been adopted in the modern workplace to enable effortless collaboration and communication, there has been increasing demand for AV and IT to speak the same language. These two departments are required to work closely to plan and implement secure deployments that address IT workflows and requirements. Customers have come to expect seamless, simple and integrated solutions that can be standardised worldwide. As quickly as networked technologies advance, integrators and manufacturers also need to stay ahead in meeting customers’ service support expectations. Visitors to this session will learn tactics to help bridge the gap between AV and IT and help address technical questions the IT professional might have. This seminar is an open discussion of strategies.