Andrew Francis
12 Feb 2020 | 11:30 - 12:00 | Main Stage | Shure Add to calendar
Find Out How Voice Lift Technology Makes Meetings Feel Like There’s No Technology at All
Andrew Francis
Applications Manager
Shure UK
A voice lift system amplifies the voices of people in one part of the room just enough so that people in other parts of the room can hear them clearly. Unlike a conventional sound reinforcement system, voice lift bolsters only those frequency ranges that are most critical for intelligibility, and only enough to restore the loss caused by the distance between the farthest talker and listener in the room. The effect is so subtle that many users don’t even realize there is a sound system until it is turned off. However, the implementation of voice lift in an AV conference system or meeting room environment can be complex. Visitors to this session will learn the basics of voice lift systems and best practices to get the best results.